Monday, January 7, 2013

about me! my first post!

things you should know about me! i guess if someone said what do i need to know besides you are married and have kids. i would say i love my country, i love my army, i love the UK and their army, i love being british  army wife. but most importantly i love being allowed to serve in the US army! it is a blessing to be the 1% and be allowed to represent and serve this great nation.  and than you would have to know i love the color pink... because i just do and it is a wonderful thing.

i met my hubby in kabul 2009 while we were both serving, we were married and 3 years later it was the best dang thing to ever happen to me. trust me when i was deployed i did not think i would met a cute british soldier who made me laugh. when we were married we both lived in separate countries, and that is hard when you are in relationship but it's worth it because we love each other very much. one deployment, ptsd, a baby, and another baby! i am amazed where the army has lead me to, i think back to that girl who just dropped out of college with no idea where to go or what to do, who enlisted during a time of war to better herself and to serve her country, and i can't help but think not to bad Dsky, not to bad at all.


  1. Nice job, good writing style! Hey I knew that girl that dropped out of college! She was great then and even more amazing now ;)

  2. checking out the blog hun (former british soldier and his wife from the Holmsey family ;-) )Glad all is well for you all and we will keep looking at your blogs andy, Elizabeth, Nicky and Timmy xxx

  3. thanks guys! i love you angelena ballerina !!! go western!

    thanks andy i'm glad you checked my blog out!!

    you guys are making me so excited thank you for you love and support!!!