Tuesday, January 8, 2013

meet the challenger!

so exciting news for the new year! if you haven't heard yet i will be representing the protein bar in oak brook, il for their 2013 protein challenger! woo woo! what is this you ask, no it's not a jenny craig ( someone asked me this) protein bar is a restaurant that has lots of yummy good for you food, like the name everything has lots of protein and if you need to be more regular lots of fiber (monika i'm talking to you). they have this contest every year to get people motivated to live a healthier life! so i as the challenger i get an awesome gift card to fuel my body. and i compete against all the other store challengers for.... A TRIP TO DC! woo woo! i know it's dc not disney world, but can you imagine how much fun it would be to go see all the sights in our nation's capital! and with an active military id i bet there's killer discounts!
so i'm a little excited, and so motivated. i really don't know why they chose little ole me, i have just started a blog i have no followers on twitter, and i am not a fit person by any means. i'm looking at these people and they run marathons and can stand on their heads in a yoga class and know how to work all the weight machines at the gym. and than here's me stay at home mama who plays army once a month. my workout is picking up all the toys around house 20 times a day and dashing to get to an open gate before my toddler son does! i guess i'm just your average joe, i mean my gym even has cupcakes. but for some reason they like me they really like me! which is good cause i really like their restaurant!
maybe they chose me because i am your average mrs joe, yes i'm military but i struggle with my weight and fitness like anyone, i don't have time to spend hours at the gym or money to buy catered food. i really believe that anyone can commit to a healthy life style with just an "iron will and the grace of god"! and some yummy free food. so here we go with an extra push, a gift card, and the occasional after workout cupcake!

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