Monday, January 28, 2013

my hubby

so it's 1:30am and i just got back from the gym. my hubby is passed out on the couch with the kids. this is the last week of the protein bar challenge and my first month of trying to get back in shape is coming to an end. and i want to take a moment to thank my hubby, at yes 1:30 in the morning. why this late?

my husband works 6 days a week and usually gets off during the week at 9ish, so the only time i have to go to the gym is either really really early in the morning or late at night. and no matter how hard i try i do not wake up before 7 if i'm not getting paid to. which makes me a late night runner.the only reason why i've been able to work out so much this last month is because the hubby has been so supportive. he has been amazing watching the kids, eating new healthy foods, and being my cheerleader. i'm pretty lucky, actually i'm very very lucky.

i'm lucky for many reasons and i'll try not to brag too much here, but he's a pretty amazing person. besides being a great dad and husband, mitch is my best friend and i can always count on his love. we are pretty protective of our relationship to the point that it's border line defensive. i think we throw people through a lope when we tell them we got married after we met in a war zone and only 4 months of dating. but here we are 3 years later and 2 kids making it work. i don't think that i've ever loved anyone the way i love my husband. and i don't think anyone has ever loved me the way my husband has loved me. i know no matter how bad or hard things get he's always going to be there and we will always be together. and even though i don't think that i look good after two kids, i know that when my husband tells me i'm beautiful and loves the way i look right this very moment,  in my heart i know he truly means it.
after 2 kids i've gained 50 pounds but he still looks at me the way i did 50 pounds ago. he must have trouble with his eye sight to be honest to not see the stretch marks on my stomach, but he doesn't. i love him for ignorant naive guy he is when it comes to my body. i look around and i have tons of things to be motivated about, i want to win this challenge, i want to stay in the army, i want to be a good example for my kids, i want skinny jeans ( oh god how i want skinny jeans!), but my biggest motivator will always be my hubby. it's not just looking good for him but i really want to make him proud. so many times i've been able to say yep thats my husband i'm so proud of him. i hope that over the next week and even after he can say the same thing about me. of course he says it now, but i hope he says it again next time when i pass a pt test and after that when i finish a 5k. which are the two goals i have for the remainder of the year.
and i hope he knows how much i truly love him and always will. i'm a lucky girl to have met and married such a great guy.

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