Friday, January 11, 2013


i know many battle buddies (aka army friends) are reading this and saying but Dsky you've done this before! you've said this before and you lost the weight before and you still came up short and failed that PT test (physical training test).
and i have to say i know, and i'm sorry. i've had you stand beside me only to fail you and i know that this isn't the first time or even second time. but this time guys i know i can do this.

but why dsky and how?? what's different this time around?

one reason and only one reason this time. respect.

i was at the gym the other week and i was doing my treadmill walk when i saw a girl in uniform. not any uniform, army uniform (can i get hooah). now i need to say i work out at a gym down the street from my house this isn't a base nor is it a gym even near one. and usually i'm so excited to see other people in uniform, i can only compare it to seeing someone else wearing your frat shirt in public. the army is like this great club that we all belong to and no matter how different we all are, army is this great common ground we share. but this girl horrified me, why you ask. because she had her hair in a pony tail, in acus.
so civilian people are going, ahhh so? it's because a pony tail is out of uniform, and you can say it's just a pony tail. but it's not, its complete lack of dispaline and respect. if you are going to wear this uniform, if you are going to wake up in the morning and put these colors on your back and that US ARMY over your heart. well you better wear that thing with pride. and if you are going to disrespect your uniform and wear it in a way you know that you are not authorized to, well than you shouldn't even bother putting it on. there i am on the treadmill giving this girl the dirtiest looks thinking no way. how could she, she knows she is in the wrong. when i look in the mirror at myself.

i am over weight, i can not even put my uniform on at this point. what does that say about me?  i sit here and i say i love it, i say i'm proud to wear it. but i disrespect it more than anyone because i don't put in the time and effort to wear it with pride.

1%, is the number of people out of the population that serve in the military. if anything i owe this country for allowing me to serve in the military. for letting me train and work with the greatest people and the greatest tools. even though i'm only a weekend warrior the army has given me everything i could want. i met my husband through the army, i have 2 kids because of the army. i have the american dream because of the army and this nation. and i let myself get to a point where i can't even properly do my job and give anything back  to this country.

my husband was medically discharged from the british army, a lot of his friends aren't able to serve anymore because of combat injuries. and if any of those boys could even for just one day put that uniform back on and fight for their country they would. if you told them you have to run a 100 miles, they would find a way to get to that finish line, just for one more day in uniform. and there are thousands of troops american and british that just wish they could wear that uniform again. there's nothing wrong with me i have the opportunity to, but instead i take the easy way out and sit back, instead of fighting. and i'm done with that. i want the army and i want to fight for it because i still have the ability to.

so i guess what has changed is i finally pulled my head out of my butt and i'm ready to do the hard work. i only have myself to blame for taking this long but i hope that i'm able to become the person and the soldier i want to be.

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  1. Knowing the amazing couple you are, i know that the great man that is your husband will be with you and willing you to succeed! You are capable of achieving all of your goals, just focus and give yourself a break... your only human! we love you, however you come :) xx